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Nappy Bag Essentials for New Moms (and Babies) On the Go

Remember when all you needed to grab before leaving the house was your phone, wallet and keys? Now that you have a baby, that list of must-haves just got a whole lot longer. Babies have a lot of needs. 

Experienced moms know that a well-stocked nappy bag (aka baby bag) is often the difference between a smooth and successful day out, and an event that spirals into disaster. Few things are as horrifying as an unexpected nappy explosion and not having a clean one to put on your baby. Apart from the obvious (nappies), there are a few other essentials to pack into your baby bag for optimum convenience. Here’s a guide on what to pack.

Nappies: Generally, a nappy change for newborns is needed every 2-3 hours. Always have 3-4 nappies in your baby bag.

Bennetts Wet Wipes: To clean baby’s bottom and other areas of their body like their face and hands. We love Bennetts Baby Wipes because they are made with purified water and moisture stays the same from the first to the last wipe.

Changing Mat: It keeps your baby safe from germs and bacteria that may be lurking on a potential changing surface.

Bennetts Baby Bum Crème: Designed to soothe and protect the skin on your baby’s bottom from irritation and nappy rash. The Bennetts range forms a barrier between wet nappies and your baby’s skin.

Spare Change of Clothes: Because nappy blowouts and leaks, baby spit-up and changes of weather do happen. 

Dummy: To help stop crying and fussing. Invest in a dummy clip that attaches a dummy to your baby’s clothing so it doesn’t get lost should your baby spit it out.

Bennetts Hand Sanitiser: to avoid spreading germs you’ve come into contact with onto your baby. Bennetts Hand Sanitiser is alcohol-free, made from botanical ingredients and safe for use by children. 

Plastic Bags: to safely discard dirty nappies.

Burp Cloth: to keep your clothes clean and odour-free from milk spit-up.

Bennetts Sunblock: your baby’s skin is extra sensitive to the sun. Bennetts Sunblock protects against sunburn, is dermatologically approved and can be used on babies 6 months and older.

Bottle and Formula (for non-breastfeeding moms): Babies typically feed five to six times a day. Scoop formula into a portable baby formula container that is designed to hold pre-measured quantities of powder baby milk for use throughout the day.

Baby Food: For feeding on the go if your baby is eating solid foods. 

Teething Ring: To help soothe your baby’s tender gums and provide pain relief while their teeth are growing in.

Two Bibs: To prevent any spit-up and baby food from messing your baby’s clean outfit.

Toys: Pack safe, baby-approved toys that will keep your bundle of joy entertained and their mind engaged when mommy doesn’t have the time to play peek-a-boo.

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